in case you haven’t noticed, I’m generally attracted to big topics: perseverance, self-esteem, self-fulfilling prophecies, dominating big brother grocery store chains…:)

well today is another weighty theme—specifically, change… it’s like, the scariest thing! for instance, when it comes to my hair, OMG, the standard line is “don’t you dare touch me with those things”—meaning of course…scissors. I think of myself as someone who wants to grow & evolve, sure…but subconsciously I face change like a sullen teenager. any unwanted disruption is like totally uncool man (or whatever they are saying these days).


suki_hairblogsuki_short_hairbut despite the very real risks of an unflattering cut (see the crew cut here i tried out that was actually in it’s “growing out” phase) I know how revitalizing & refreshing to both image & imagination a new look can be.

even a simple blowout can make you feel like the world is a better place for a few days. yes, I said a few…cause you actually needn’t wash your hair every day. it’s actually healthy to take a little time off from the lather-rinse-repeat routine & let your natural oils do their work. in the little town I live in, they aren’t advertised (no blowout bars here!) but I love the idea of a fresh wash & blowout & hey, I’ve spent $20 in far worse ways! thank goodness my stylist does them!

anyway, point is, hair as we know, is super emotional—a bad cut, color or process can seem like the worse mistake of your life. but, when your hair is rockin’ you feel amazing, &, a new ‘do is a time-honored way to mark life’s transitions, from a bad breakup (not the best time there…) to a great promotion (better!).

Working on a new hairstyle.but, before you crop six inches or dye your hair to match your favorite nail polish though, consider these tips:

don’t fight what nature gave you. if your hair is wavy or curly, find a stylist who can make the most of what you’ve got. if you have board-straight hair, resist the urge to process the heck out of it. whatever hair you have, if you get a great cut, or merely a healthy “dusting” & ask for help selecting the correct styling aids, it’s possible to air dry without using energy-draining appliances.

curly-girl-smilecolor can be healthy. hair that is colored can still be strong & eco-chic. the right color can bring out the best in your natural skin tone & make your whole face glow. most conventional salon hair dyes are sadly, loaded with ammonia, peroxide, PPDs, coal tar, lead, toluene & resorcinol. truth is, for hair dye to work it needs some real chemistry, so you won’t find any that are free of all synthetics. but there are some better choices, such as EcoColors or Aveda Salons, which use primarily plant-based formulas & get rid of some of the traditional toxins—finding salons that use them is worthwhile for the health of your hair & the environment.

hair_colorupdate, don’t overhaul.  consider that subtle change can be incredibly effective at keeping your look fresh. braid it, explore a new updo, add bangs, get a few low-lights or highlights & experiment with accessories ( has thousands of upcycled & vintage options that look great).hair_accessoryfor further inspiration, I’ve found Pinterest to be a great place to check out hairstyles, tools & hair accessories like ribbons, beautiful pins, barrettes, clip-in (yes, even clip-in) hair that feels even better than natural hair at times that make you look like your hair grew three times the volume that day 🙂 – amazing & fun!

I’d love to see your daring dream cut (or your worst salon nightmare!), so share away—you’ve seen my infamous crew cut now, & let’s face it, 2 decades of change over time that I just suck it up & never google search myself so I pretend like it doesn’t exist! so, you know, it’s only fair! 🙂