it can be hard to stay eco-friendly in a world where throwaway items & toxic synthetics are the norm. here are a few ideas to keep your routine a little more simple & natural from beginning to end.

green home

at home:

did you know that the average morning wash-up (shower, toilet, sink) uses more than 25 gallons of water?

  1. try installing a low-flow shower head
  2. turn off that tap while you brush your teeth
  3. put the ole gallon of water in the tank to save a whole lotta water per flush


4. carbon filters do double duty – actually making your coffee taste a whole lot better & removing chlorine & fluoride from your tap water (& of course, you aren’t throwing away that paper filter every day 🙂















5. make nutritious one-pot dishes like soups & casseroles instead of choosing packaged convenience foods for dinner







6. take off your shoes when you get home to avoid tracking dirt & toxins into your sanctuary








7. store leftovers in glass containers instead of plastic—they will last longer & won’t leach harmful chemicals into your food!










8. choose bedding & pillows made from eco-friendly fibers like organic cotton to reduce allergies & avoid exposure to the carcinogenic, hormone-disrupting materials found in conventional sheets & mattresses (learn more about organic bedding options at ecofriend.com).(you’d be amazed at how effective this is!)






9. dress in sustainable style by hunting down cool clothes & accessories from vintage stores (vintagevixen.com has my favorite styles from the 1960s & before if you want to retro (since the 80s are back in, the 50s will be a welcome visual change for all of us!! &, thred-up has pretty much everything!


at work:

10. ask your office to switch to energy-efficient LED light bulbs.


11. ask that employees communally wash their dishes instead of going through mountains of plastic & Styrofoam…an easy & logical change!

Woman washing dishes in kitchen, mid section, elevated view12. turn off computers & unplug electronics in your home or office when not in use—

sleep_computerlet them “sleep” at night too!
















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