second female mayor in the history of Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms shared that when she was 8, she came home from school “to find dozens of officers in our home, leading my entertainment father to prison in handcuffs for dealing cocaine.”

September 8, 2013. Atlanta, GA City Councilwoman Keisha Lance Bottoms. Photograph by Michael A. Schwarz.

“I watched my mother struggle to make ends meet, & that propelled me into law school & public service, “ Keisha said. 

Mayor. Bottoms shared that “this all started around the kitchen table…a group of women who didn’t have experience but believed we could change the world.” 

i can certainly identify with this as i started my company in my kitchen as well. doing anything out of the ordinary in the world takes huge commitment & courage…& most often the source of our inspiration, ambition, strength comes from pain & struggle.

Mayor Bottoms is committed to realizing her vision of One Atlanta – affordable, resilient & equitable – which stands as a model city for both commerce & compassion.

earlier in her career, Bottoms spoke out against a police billboard campaign urging, ‘Don’t run.’ in reply she stated, “ I will always teach my children that they have the right to run. it may be ill-advised, but the issue is not with them exercising their rights but the response to them exercising their rights,” from the Atlanta Journal & Constitution (AJC).

Mayor Bottoms’ notable accomplishments to date include the establishment of the City’s first fully-staffed Office of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, the appointments of a LGBTQ Affairs Coordinator & a Human Trafficking Fellow, the citywide elimination of cash bail bond, the closure of the Atlanta City Detention Center to ICE detainees, & the rollout of the most far-reaching financial transparency platform in the City’s history – Atlanta’s Open Checkbook.

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