“The next generation can be the one that takes leadership parity to the finish line. I hope they know their choices are not just about them — that what each of us does enhances or limits opportunities for the next woman. I hope they know they have so much power in their hands to lead their own dreams forward, but that power unused is power useless. I hope they use power tool number one: Know your history and you can create the future of your choice.” Gloria Feldt, Founder and President, Take the Lead

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gluten-free is just another diet trend that is pure & simple marketing, at its best. well almost.

1% of us are actually gluten-SENSITIVE…the rest of us are trying to feel & look as good as we can but did you know most gluten-free is ALSO higher calories & sugar? best thing I’ve done for myself the past year is break out my nutribullet & start pureeing my veggies, or pureeing them into soup! I found a cool site: www.jusbyjulie.com who is, affordably, providing not juices but the whole plant, the fiber, etc. too! I recommend for best taste results: basic real smoothie: 50% veggies & 50% seeds, fruit, water or coconut water, rice or almond milk, ice if you like, & added supplements like turmeric (the actual root), ginger, chlorophyll, spiralina, there’s a lot you can do, & if you’re too busy, check out that JUS website (plan ahead, dates run 2-3 weeks out). enjoy! xo- Suki