so i found this on a pinterest site i think…i had to debunk these because it’s so wrong and i’m so tired of seeing these blogs giving people such bad advice!

enjoy & know your beauty! 🙂 …xo -Suki


last week, I posted on fair trade/sustainable/organic gifts for all ages. today, I’m featuring some items with heart, soul & responsibility that are actually cool too (!) & will make this a memorable holiday (they don’t have to know it was last minute! 🙂 & I’m thinking new years is a time of these sorts of luxury items…but today, grab your overnight gift & be a hero!

  1. Brilliant Earth Jewelry

this brand of gemstone jewelry is “beyond conflict free”, meaning it’s responsibly-sourced to help fuel economic change & growth in developing countries, often mined for their resources with only a tiny fraction of profits going to local individuals & businesses. diamonds, colored gemstones & vintage jewelry (oh my!) to cater to every style, like this elegant sapphire pendant & unique art deco ring. since the ethics of Brilliant Earth shine as bright as their jewels, you can feel good as well as gorgeous while wearing them! get on it men & women 🙂

artdecoring   sapphirependant

  1. Breville espresso maker

a trip to the coffee shop can be a comforting part of the daily routine…but sometimes, a day in the home office doesn’t have to be interrupted by the hassle & paper waste…not to mention the questionable ethics & sourcing of Starbucks & other chains (& hey, your daily routine could use a change up too!). with this espresso maker, you can make café-quality java in your own home using your own fair trade organic beans…& what better way to maximize on the antioxidant health benefits of pure, unsweetened coffee?


  1. Vitality sauna system

the toasty warmth of a sauna is the ultimate winter treat (& toxin releaser!) when living in a cold climate like New England, like I do (blah)! with its low emf emissions, reasonable water / electricity usage (less than the average shower can you believe) & wood sourcing from sustainable forests, this home sauna offers luxury without wastefulness. plus, regular sauna use has health benefits similar to exercise (this woke me up immediately…not that we should skip the gym & bask like a lizard all day, oh noooooo! but boosting the impact of our workouts with a 20 minute session sounds good – or hey, they OCCASSIONAL okay…sauna instead of the daily pounding J might be ok every once in a while! :)—or…slip inside for a few minutes to warm up your muscles for a yoga class, or your workout itself!


  1. Eco Spa Vacation

what better way to unwind from holiday stress than a week at a full service resort? this list features green spas from around the world. some locations are no surprise, like the Calistoga Ranch in Napa Valley, California and La Clairière Bio Hotel in Alsace, France, but there’s green gorgeous luxury to be had in less expected climates, too, from Alaska’s Chena Hot Springs Resort (run on geothermal energy, featuring the stunning Aurora Ice Museum) to the Lied Lodge (conservation land & Arbor Day education center plus a full-scale luxury spa) in Nebraska. they’re all Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified, so the hardest part is choosing which gorgeous locale to check out first! I’m just trying to figure out what year I might be able to get away….hmmmmm…..

  1. Tesla model S

let’s face it, there’s nothing cooler than a new car. This is luxury at its finest…the ultimate dream gift & the Tesla’s a dream for the planet, too—way ahead of the curve, the first totally electric sports car, & can travel on one battery like, 2-3 hours, which means zero fossil fuel emissions…& did I mention it can do the ol’ zero to sixty in about seconds?! I’m waiting for the convertible, but yea, Tesla is way cool! (& they do have a totally plexi roof model).


I’ve gotta say, though, if I had to choose just one thing from this list…that vacation is looking pretty good (hey, it’s only been a few years since I took one! 🙂 I’m going to go fantasize with that list now).

so, hurry hurry! oh, &…what’s on your wish list to Santa this year?




‘tis the season for stressing out about finding the perfect presents for people I know. but this year I’ve decided that rather than trying to keep up with the latest fashion trends or gadget craze—that slicing & dicing thing you saw on the home shopping network & bought for EVERYONE you know last year…how’s that working out for people? ;)—I’m going look for unique items that help out the environment or give back to great causes.

so in the spirit of a green Christmas (but I still hope it snows!), here’s a fun gift idea or two for every generation …

for babies:


this sweet gift tote has an assortment of organic animal plushies & wooden toys in a cotton canvas bag. I kind of want that owl for myself, though…

for preschoolers:


kids will love playing farmer’s market with this adorable toy fruit & veggie cart. one pound of bananas, please—do you accept Monopoly money?

for older kids:


do you know a child who is begging for a pony that’s not quite in the budget? indulge a young animal-lover on a smaller scale with this self-cleaning fish tank that also grows edible plants like wheatgrass & basil.

for teens:

help your fave adolescent peace out & protect what’s no doubt their prized possession with this bamboo cellphone case.


for college students:

anyone would become a campus style icon sporting this elephant laptop case, made from 100% recycled cement bags.


decomposition books made from recycled paper are a great way to motivate note-taking & they’ve got cover options ranging from whimsical to lovely.


for adults:

beautiful bamboo coasters with a whale design support Seafood Watch, an organization dedicated to sustainable fishing.


what’s a prettier winter sight than a flock of twittering cardinals & chickadees in the snow? let your feathered friends dine in style with this natural cedar pagoda bird feeder.


if you’re looking for a quick host/hostess gift, Endangered Species Chocolate donates 10% of its profits to conservation causes, & they’ve got a variety of yummy fruit/nut blends.


…& don’t forget the pets in your life!

most cats are pretty well entertained by wrapping paper alone, but these sushi roll catnip toys by Whimsily Ever After are too cute to pass up.


or if you’ve got a tail-wagger in the house, an organic Betty Woof hemp tug-of-war toy.


what are your most inspired green gift ideas this holiday season?




guest blog by suki® skincare team member, Whitney R.

I love sipping a hot cup of tea on brisk fall days, but by mid-afternoon I’ve got to switch to something caffeine-free or risk being up all night.

herbal teas (or technically “tisanes” if they don’t come from the buds & leaves of camellia sinensis) are the perfect solution. there’s something almost primal about pouring hot water over dried herbs, flowers & berries, watching the unique color of the infusion swirl into the cup as the flavors concentrate & strengthen. unlike traditional tea, which easily becomes bitter, herbal tisanes improve with a long steeping of 5 to 20 minutes or more.

rose herbal tea

these days, a variety of herbs are proving to have great health benefits (which ancient cultures have known for millennia, just not in the form of double-blind studies!).

Organic India is a company that brings the health-promoting goodness of traditional Indian herbs to the West in the form of herbal supplements & delicious teas. my favorite of these is thtulsi_sweet rosee Tulsi Sweet Rose blend.



the Tulsi plant has long been revered as a sacred herb in India & is known in the west as Holy Basil. in modern times, this herb is considered an adaptogen, helping your immune system stay balanced & fight stress.

Organic India’s blend combines Tulsi basil with rose petals, lemon myrtle & chamomile flowers, plus a hit of stevia for natural sweetness. more than a universal symbol of love –by any name ;)—the rose is a health superhero packed with vitamin C & other antioxidants.

the taste of Tulsi Sweet Rose Tea is floral but mellow, comforting but a little exotic—perfect to sip during a few minutes of afternoon mindfulness or serve with an Indian-inspired dessert.

Organic India is also a company with heart, working with thousands of family farmers in rural India to promote sustainable, organic agriculture—& that’s the sweetest thing of all.



try it with some gulab jamun… these honey-soaked milk pastry balls are one of my favorite Indian dessert delights.