at just 25, Jennifer Lawrence kicks a**! she seems to have a wisdom & perspective that belies her youth & many other people’s silly ideals of feminine perfection. she notably refused to lose weight for her role as heroine Katniss Everdeen in the post-apocalyptic Hunger Games movies, & got the chance to respond to a storm of media body-shaming with poised replies like the one above, setting one hell of an example in the process!

she’s been called “the most talented young actress in America” by Rolling Stone, & unlike many, hasn’t let it go to her head. instead, she’s used her success to support charities like Feeding America & the Special Olympics.I applaud Ms. Lawrence for refusing to take part in the deadly Hollywood “hunger games” that lead so many Hollywood starlets & the girls who imitate them into battles with eating disorders & twisted body images!

you keep keeping on woman!!! know your beauty never looked more fabulous!




i met the amazing Kate Dillon long ago, during NY fashion week, when I was way too shy to be on camera but somehow always had the nerve to go up to strangers & strike up conversations with them, even if I, like with Kate, had been a fan for a long time…go figure!
she’s an activist, humanitarian, had been a supermodel for years &, as I was shocked to find out that very day, a sukifan (she actually KNEW WHO I WAS?!!) of course, straight away, as is my way, i asked her if she would ever want to oh, you know, represent suki skincare out in the world when I had nothing to offer but well, the gift of amazing skin 🙂 which of course to say to her, already perfection, was funny..but since she was already using my product, meant to be I guess, & I will always grateful for this!
Kate is inspiring – her story, her self-awareness, her inner strength, she is the example she wishes to see in the world! she lives her ideals & truly embodies her own true self, her individual beautiful, real self every day, thereby embodying my philosophy of “know your beauty” totally!
today, Kate is focused on her humanitarian work as the founder of several charities including ECHO Prosocial Gallery, Curves for Change & the Komera Project. her ultimate goal always to help women though fundraising & increasing awareness related to women’s rights, eating disorders & sustainability. here are Kate & I winding our way through our & her stories…:)

suki® spokesmodel Kate Dillon’s story

Suki & suki® spokesmodel Kate Dillon