anyone who knows me knows I have zero tolerance for the toxic synthetics in conventional skincare, & thank goodness, there is growing awareness on this issue. however, sadly, it’s all we can do to keep up with our lives, much less the marketing cr*p that is done to make us buy stuff that is, essentially, not pure at all, but “pseudo” natural & still contains garbage in it, & in the end, does nothing for us but makes us think we are doing something good for ourselves & the planet. that, I don’t think I have to tell you, pisses me off.

garbage_decompbut even with the efforts of those of us who really care to put TRULY pure products into the marketplace & those of us who go the extra mile to put them into our bodies, our efforts will be futile for the earth in the end if we continue to pollute our oceans beyond repair.

in the shocking video posted above, reporters from Mother Jones investigate a huge swirling vortex of trash, twice the size of Texas, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. members of Project Karsei, the ocean liner sent to investigate the giant floating dump, reported plastic in EVERY sample they collected—with items ranging from old toothbrushes to abandoned baseballs. in another article, Charles Moore, the ocean advocate who discovered the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in 1999, said: “trying to clean up the Pacific gyre would bankrupt any country & kill wildlife in the nets as it went.”

shouldn’t this news, that it is now almost too late to correct the environmental damage we have done to our planet, be sweeping the headlines & usurping the latest celebrity antics or even global politics? what will it matter, in a generation, who is at war with whom when we have poisoned our environment so that life itself is unsustainable? It seems like the stuff of dystopian fiction, but it’s something that our next generation will have to deal with firsthand.

stories like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch are so overwhelming that it’s easy to bury our heads in the sand & try to forget about it. after all, this huge pile of trash is out in the middle of the Pacific ocean. it doesn’t affect ME—yet.

but it will. it’s just one symptom of the “plastic culture” we have created. in a recent study, 92% of subjects had the plastic BPA in their urine. & as for the ocean? Project Karsei’s lead scientist, Dr. Andrea Neal, speculates that the high concentrations of plastic could create huge dead zones in the Pacific Ocean that wipe out every species of fish WITHIN OUR LIFETIME.

what will it take to turn this…


back into this?


small steps can’t undo all the damage, but they make a difference. in my company, well, I’ve made it plain how I abhor plastic & still bottle in glass or aluminum, & ONLY resort to eco-plastic when absolutely necessary. actions as simple as remembering to the obvious recycling, composting, bringing reusable shopping bags to the grocery store & not supporting brands that contribute to huge carbon footprints can truly add up on a large scale to make a cleaner, safer world for ourselves & all the marine life in this world that now totally relies on our environmental policies & practices!

what do you think? can this generation can leave our planet cleaner & greener than we found it, & where do we start? or are we on the path to doom already? will the earth just throw us out so it can heal?





it can be hard to stay eco-friendly in a world where throwaway items & toxic synthetics are the norm. here are a few ideas to keep your routine a little more simple & natural from beginning to end.

green home

at home:

did you know that the average morning wash-up (shower, toilet, sink) uses more than 25 gallons of water?

  1. try installing a low-flow shower head
  2. turn off that tap while you brush your teeth
  3. put the ole gallon of water in the tank to save a whole lotta water per flush


4. carbon filters do double duty – actually making your coffee taste a whole lot better & removing chlorine & fluoride from your tap water (& of course, you aren’t throwing away that paper filter every day 🙂















5. make nutritious one-pot dishes like soups & casseroles instead of choosing packaged convenience foods for dinner







6. take off your shoes when you get home to avoid tracking dirt & toxins into your sanctuary








7. store leftovers in glass containers instead of plastic—they will last longer & won’t leach harmful chemicals into your food!










8. choose bedding & pillows made from eco-friendly fibers like organic cotton to reduce allergies & avoid exposure to the carcinogenic, hormone-disrupting materials found in conventional sheets & mattresses (learn more about organic bedding options at’d be amazed at how effective this is!)






9. dress in sustainable style by hunting down cool clothes & accessories from vintage stores ( has my favorite styles from the 1960s & before if you want to retro (since the 80s are back in, the 50s will be a welcome visual change for all of us!! &, thred-up has pretty much everything!


at work:

10. ask your office to switch to energy-efficient LED light bulbs.


11. ask that employees communally wash their dishes instead of going through mountains of plastic & Styrofoam…an easy & logical change!

Woman washing dishes in kitchen, mid section, elevated view12. turn off computers & unplug electronics in your home or office when not in use—

sleep_computerlet them “sleep” at night too!