guest blog by suki® skincare team member, Whitney R.

I love sipping a hot cup of tea on brisk fall days, but by mid-afternoon I’ve got to switch to something caffeine-free or risk being up all night.

herbal teas (or technically “tisanes” if they don’t come from the buds & leaves of camellia sinensis) are the perfect solution. there’s something almost primal about pouring hot water over dried herbs, flowers & berries, watching the unique color of the infusion swirl into the cup as the flavors concentrate & strengthen. unlike traditional tea, which easily becomes bitter, herbal tisanes improve with a long steeping of 5 to 20 minutes or more.

rose herbal tea

these days, a variety of herbs are proving to have great health benefits (which ancient cultures have known for millennia, just not in the form of double-blind studies!).

Organic India is a company that brings the health-promoting goodness of traditional Indian herbs to the West in the form of herbal supplements & delicious teas. my favorite of these is thtulsi_sweet rosee Tulsi Sweet Rose blend.



the Tulsi plant has long been revered as a sacred herb in India & is known in the west as Holy Basil. in modern times, this herb is considered an adaptogen, helping your immune system stay balanced & fight stress.

Organic India’s blend combines Tulsi basil with rose petals, lemon myrtle & chamomile flowers, plus a hit of stevia for natural sweetness. more than a universal symbol of love –by any name ;)—the rose is a health superhero packed with vitamin C & other antioxidants.

the taste of Tulsi Sweet Rose Tea is floral but mellow, comforting but a little exotic—perfect to sip during a few minutes of afternoon mindfulness or serve with an Indian-inspired dessert.

Organic India is also a company with heart, working with thousands of family farmers in rural India to promote sustainable, organic agriculture—& that’s the sweetest thing of all.



try it with some gulab jamun… these honey-soaked milk pastry balls are one of my favorite Indian dessert delights.